How to Open an Account with GGBET Casino Website

Once you are decided on giving ggbet a try, you’ll follow the below steps;

  • Providing a unique username, email and password
  • Choosing your preferred currency
  • Reading through the rules and terms and conditions set by ggbet
  • Clicking on ‘Registration’


Aside from the above, the casino needs more information to help authenticate your identity and uphold your security in the platform. The additional information you’ll provide includes your name, phone number and date of birth.

As part of maintaining a safe environment and locking out under age persons from the site, GGbet reserves the right to approve your request. Because of this, it’s important that you provide truthful and accurate information from the get-go.

Also, we should stress on the below points;

  • Opening duplicate accounts is frowned upon. But in the event you find a way to open a duplicate account, any winnings on the accounts are forfeited upon discovery.
  • As GGBet puts pressure on players to provide accurate and truthful personal information, they also work hard to ensure this information remains private and inaccessible to third parties in compliance with the data protection regulations.

With that said, let’s dive a little deeper into the process.

Step 1 : Access GGBet’s Official Website

The very first step to creating an account is finding GGBet Casino online. This should be a walk in the park. But just to be safe, always ensure you follow this link: GGBet/en.

Now, on this piece we are focusing on GGBet Casino. However, you should note that it offers other services as well. These services are displayed on its homepage.

To enjoy your favorite casino games, navigate to the ‘Casino’ menu tab. Here you’ll find information on all the best gaming providers, games, promotions, current winners, welcome bonus and more.

Step 2: Enter your Personal Details

At this stage, things are simple. The only details you enter are your email address, your names and choosing the currency you prefer to deal with.

Once you’ve keyed in these details, confirm that you are above 18 years old and read through the terms and conditions.

Finally, click on ‘Registration’ when ready. Immediately, GGBet will send an email confirmation to the address you provided. Confirming your email at this stage allows you to;

  • Protect your account
  • Claim welcome bonuses
  • Be in the loop with features added and newer promotions

After confirmation, you’ll log into your account and can start enjoying your favorite game. But before you get sucked into that rabbit hole, complete step 3.

Step 3: Add Personal Details and Verify your GGBet Account

Yes, you can complete this step at a later date (before withdrawing your winnings) or you can get it done right now. Remember while you can deposit before verification, you cannot withdraw your winnings.

To verify your account, navigate to the bottom menu links.

Under ‘Information’ choose ‘Verification’ to start the process.

Note that the verification process is designed to ensure underage persons do not participate in gambling and also, to reduce cases of fraud.

You’ll provide original scans of your ID or your Open Passport and a debit card (if you use one for deposits and withdrawals).

To confirm you are the owner of these documentations, upload a photo of you holding the document you scanned on one side of your face and a paper with your email address written in visible font. Hold these documents on either side of your face making sure they don’t block each other or a portion of your face.

But if you take extra caution with your banking details and presser using wallets for deposits and withdrawals, send a screenshot of your personal information on your payment system account.

After submitting the documentation, GGBet will review it within three business days and respond with an email. If they require extra information they’ll outline the same on the email.

Step 4: Receive your Registration Bonus

As a new player, GGBet is happy to have you. To set you up for success, they offer a welcome bonus of $1000 plus 175 free spins.

However, this bonus isn’t automatic. On the contrary, you’ll have to activate it within 5 days of registration. Also, it’s only available to players who have confirmed their email addresses.

Now to activate the welcome bonus, you can follow one of two steps:

  • You could click on ‘More info’ right under the Welcome Bonus slide on the homepage, or
  • Navigate to deposits, then my bonuses and then activate your personal bonus.

Note: there are conditions to be met before you can get the welcome bonus (more on this later).

Why Should I Register on GGBet Online Casino

With so many online casinos, why should you consider playing at GGBet? Well,

💡 The casino offers a generous enough welcome bonus with not so strict qualifications

💡 It has a range of games and categories from the best gaming providers in the industry. You are bound to find your favorite game in their catalogue.

💡 They accommodate a range of payment options and currencies for added convenience.

💡 It has 24/7 support on email and on phone just in case you get stuck. However, their site design is simple and intuitive enough even for online casino beginners.

Don’t Sign Up Before Reading this GGBET Casino Review

GGBet Casino is not the oldest online casinos in the industry. But don’t let this fool you – it brings its A-game and aims to give veteran casinos a run for their money.

Now, let’s kick this off by pointing out fact; GGBet is a multi-faceted betting platform designed by esports professionals and fans. Their love for the sport and industry effortlessly shines through in their design and the categories and offer they have on the platform. On the site, you will enjoy a range of sports betting, casino and esports game.

GGBet Casino decided to disrupt the industry in 2016. Their focus on several categories in the betting industry was intended to reel in many players – a strategy that has worked like magic thus far.

This brilliant strategy was birthed by Brivio Limited, the company that owns and runs GGBet Casino. Brivio Limited registered GGBet in Cyprus and got a Curacao license. But though it is registered in Cyprus, it is open to players around the world.

We are in love and are fascinated by the fact that GGBet comfortably handles different betting categories. However, if you are reading this, you are interested in their online casino and the perks it has to offer. Well, as you’ll see, their partnerships with big gaming providers allows them to offer the best games in the industry.

GGBet Sports Betting Review

Before we dive head first into the casino section of GGBet, it’s only fair to shine a light on the main star of the platform – sports betting.

First, we love that GGBet offers great value. Unlike other platforms, it features 12+ esports titles and a host of events that offers a lifeline even to ‘needy’ esports bettors.

As the main focus of the platform, you’d expect that they bring their big guns. Well, GGBet does this and much more with League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2. Some newer titles like Fortnite, Overwatch and PUBG are also covered on the platform as well.

Aside from this, GGBet offers great bet variety. It has match winner bets and other specials a clear sign that GGBet designers were not leaving anything to chance.

Some of the sports the betting site focuses on includes MMA, soccer, Tennis, handball, Futsal, volleyball, boxing, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey.

The Pros and Cons of GGBet Casino

GGBet is a great platform and fans are more than ready to sing its praise on the rooftops. However, it also has a fair share of cons that any newbie should be aware of before signing up.

  • It offers a Welcome bonus plus free spins to get you started
  • The Casino is available in several languages
  • It has a fast payout
  • The website is gorgeous and beginner friendly. It works perfectly on laptops, desktops and smartphones
  • Since it focuses on esports, it lacks a VIP club for casino enthusiasts
  • Some countries including the US don’t have access to the platform
  • The welcome bonus isn’t generous enough
  • It is lacking in casino tournaments which keep things interesting

Important Things to Focus on While Registering at Online Casino

The online space comes with a lot of convenience. But on the flip side, things can be rather unsafe if you don’t exercise caution.

Luckily, many online casinos have made it their responsibility to safeguard your privacy and information. They do this through SSL encryptions and also make a conscious decision not to share your data with third parties.

With these safeguards in place you can rest easy as you complete your registration. Now, during you’ll need to provide some sensitive information including your name, email address and password. More to this, you’ll have to provide identification documentation as well as your financial details through which you’ll make payments.

Accessing you GG:Bet Casino Account Through Social Networks

The beauty of GGBet is that you can access your casino account through your preferred social network including Facebook, Twitter and others.

The process is simple. Once you click on login, a form requesting your username/email and password appears. At the top of this form are a host of acceptable social networks you can use to log into your account as well.

Clicking on any of the networks will open another pop up window where you’ll complete the login process.

Welcome Bonus for New Players after Registration at GGBet


In the 21st century, online gaming is super popular. As a result, there are many companies and solo techpreneurs creating their online casinos and competing for the attention of the same market. Suffice to say, the competition is rather steep. To survive, entrepreneurs need to employ creative ways to reel in players onto their platform. One of the best way to do this is offering a range of bonuses and promotions. The most popular is the welcome bonus.

As a newbie, there is a lot of uncertainty with trying online casinos let alone a new casino. However, it helps if you are given some cash to test and experience the site first hand. With this bonus, you can decide if the site is worth your time or not.

Exciting right? But before you get all giddy and sign up, you should note that online casinos are in business. They therefore cannot afford to risk giving players free money only for them to leave the site with their winnings.

To protect itself, GGBet has rules that dictate how much of the welcome pack and GGBet free spins a new player receives (if any), and if you can withdraw the subsequent winnings.

With that said, GGBet offers a welcome bonus of 1,000 CAD and 175 free spins. Bear in mind that this is a welcome pack and is received in stages.

Below is a quick breakdown on the welcome pack.

First Deposit: 100% Casino Bonus and 25 free spins on Starburst 

On the first deposit, you have to make a minimum deposit of C$10. Though the 100% match deposit bonus applies, it’s capped at 300 CAD. But in addition to this, you receive 25 free spins to use in the Starburst slot game.

Second Deposit: 125% Deposit Bonus and 50 free spins on Book of Dead

At this stage, the minimum deposit is C$13. However, even with the 125% match deposit the highest bonus you get is 600 CAD. In addition to the bonus, you receive 50 free spins to spend on the Book of Dead slot.

The Book of Dead is a video slot game on GGBet casino that features five reels. If you feel like pulling off an Indiana Jones on the platform, this is the best game for it. You’ll go through the mystic tombs in Ancient Egypt and have a blast. However, we should point out that this game is not ideal for beginners as it has high volatility.

Third Deposit: 150% Deposit Bonus and 100 free spins on Legacy of Dead

This last deposit should be a minimum of C$25 which gets you a maximum bonus of 400 CAD plus 100 free slots usable in the Legacy of Dead online slot. 

GGBet Welcome Bonus Conditions

As we pointed out earlier, welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements to protect the casino from scammers. The GGBet welcome bonus pack is no different.

  • For starters, you have to activate the bonus within five days of registration.
  • There is a minimum deposit on every stage required to access the deposit bonus. The minimum deposits are C$10, C$13 and C$25 for the first, second and third deposits respectively.
  • The bonus funds are only used when the real cash account runs empty.
  • Moreover, the bonus can be used on slots only.
  • The bonus funds must be wagered 40 times and the winnings from free spins 30 times (within 5 days) for you to be able to cash out your wins.

Free Slots

free slotsGGBet casino has a lot of different slots to play. Some of these slots are from the largest and most popular gaming software providers like Yggdrasil Gaming, Betsoft and Microgaming. If you are in love with video games, you will appreciate the Hitman: Absolution-Inspired slot from Microgaming. On the other hand, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll absolutely love the Game of Thrones slot. Other slots worth playing include Troll Hunters by Play’n Go.

The beauty of playing slots is the fact that you can win money. However, since you have money riding on the games, emotions can run high. And at times, you might not be willing to try a new casino for fear of losing your hard-earned money.

But before you let fear control you, explore the options of free slots. These are similar to regular slot games. They look and feel the same but with a slight twist – you cannot win real money. But since you don’t place real bets, this isn’t a big deal. Basically with free slots, it’s all about having fun and testing out the space. 

With that said, below are some of the pros and cons of free slots.


✅ You have fun – with free slots online it’s all about letting loose and having fun. Since you have no money on the line, you can do this comfortably. And on the bright side, you don’t have to put up with lesser features. On the contrary, most free slots are similar to their real slot counterparts.

✅ You’ll gain real experience – with free casino games online, you can get a hang of how the game is played. You can try some tips and tricks from expert players to increase your odds of winning some cash.

✅ There is no risk of losing money – it is all free. You don’t place real money bets and you don’t lose money. If you run out of free coins on the platform, you can always earn more free coins by completing quests and tournaments.

✅ You compete with friends – to add to the GGBet free slot gaming experience, you can invite your friends to play with you. However, most casinos don’t allow for 1-on-1 plays.

✅ You get to experience the game first hand – if it’s a new game, you can decide if you like it or not without losing money.

✅ You can rate a casinos experience – offering free slots is a popular way of casinos getting players to experience their perks and learn what makes them different from other casinos.

Advantages of GGBet Casino Real Money Slots

GGBet has a lot of free online slots with bonus rounds to offer. But on the other hand it has a good number of real money slots as well. Below are some reasons why you should consider playing online slots for real money at GGBet Casino.

A variety of games – the selection of slots you can play for real money is a lot more than what you can get from a brick and mortar casino.  With GGBet, you receive a host of slots with different themes and volatilities.

You can play the slots anytime and anywhere

You can play online slots for real money on GGBet on your PC and on your mobile. Though the mobile version doesn’t have as many online slots as the PC version site, it still offers a lot more than a land-based casino.

Awesome bonus schemes

By now you’ve realized that GGBet is a generous casino. If they give you free cash when you sign up, how much more will they offer when you are betting with real money?

You have better chances of winning at real money slots

If we are to compare the RTP for GGBet casino with that of a land-based casino, GGBet casino’s is much higher. This is because GGBet has fewer overheads than land-based casinos and can afford to have more payouts.

Multiple payment options

GGBet has a host of payment options. This increases convenience especially during a deposit. Also, provided you are verified, you can withdraw your money through any of the supported platforms fast.

Live Casino Online With Live Dealer

In addition to their casino section, GGBet also has a live casino category. This section has five games you can choose from to have a real life gambling experience at the comfort of your home. To sell the real life gambling experience, every table has a live dealer to oversee the game just like in a land based casino.

You can choose your poison from four types of blackjack and roulette. Unfortunately, these live games don’t have demo versions.

Cashback Live Casino

Now you are probably thinking that without demos, then live casinos are a no go and are no fun. Well, to reduce your risk and increase your chances of having fun, GGBet has a cashback system for their live games.

Here’s how it works;

  • You activate your bonus in your profile during every promotional period and then deposit RUB 500.
  • From this amount, you have to place a single bet of RUB 250 during a live game.

When you do this and lose, you receive a 5% cashback at the end of your game. This way, you have a little more money for your next casino live game.

GGBet Casino Slots and a List of Table Games

This section is made up of some classic games including;

  • Baccarat – so what is online baccarat? Well, the simplest way we can explain this game is it is a card game where players have two or three cards. The winner has a higher score.
  • Blackjack – blackjack comes in many variations. However, the most common one is there a dealer deals cards and a player that has the highest cards (more than those of the dealer) but that do not exceed 21 wins. This variation is also called 21. This is not a game of chance and you can improve your odds of winning by learning different strategies of how to win at online blackjack.
  • Craps – this is simply a dice game where the places wager on the outcome of dice rolls. They can either wager on a single roll, a pair of dice or several rolls. A quick search on how to win at craps will help improve your odds of winning the game.

If you are an oldie, or even a young soul who loves these games, you’ll love the various versions GGBet offers.

Casino Online Poker Games

Online poker is fun – probably more exciting than one at a land based casino. But if you are a newbie, you need to learn tricks of how to win at online poker before you dive in head first.

Luckily, there are loads of online poker tips you can use to further your game. Some of these tips include:

  • Keeping things simple during a game
  • Maxing out the value of your hands as you bet
  • Preparing for long sessions
  • Being ready for crazy moves won the table

Free Online Roulette

This is yet another popular game on GGBet. As a newbie, it can be pretty confusing and hence you need to read up or watch some videos on Youtube. But as you plan on that, below are some tips on how to win at online roulette.

  • You need to understand the odds even before placing bets
  • You should try using different bet systems. However, do not make the mistake on depending on these systems fully.
  • There are no biased wheels on GGBet. Sure you might have come across a couple on land based casinos, but online the systems use RNGs which means the outcomes are random with every spin which makes it difficult to cheat.
  • Last but not least, it is best if you choose a great and reputable online casino like GGBet to play at. This way you know their systems are safe and not rigged against you.

GGBet Special Promo Codes Offers

Online casinos, including GGBet, use promo codes for various purposes including;

  • To give players an avenue to claim the different promotions on offer
  • For marketing
  • To track marketing campaigns

As a player, you can get the promo codes from GGBet of from one of the partners they are working with to run the promotion. All you need to do to claim the promotion is type in the promo code while you make your deposit.

From time to time, GGBet will inform you of the discounts and promotions available through email. As such, you should constantly check your email once you sign up for GGBet Casino.

To avoid confusion, promo codes are also called;

  • Sign up codes
  • Promotion codes
  • Bonus codes

GGBet Promo Code Terms and Regulations

GGBet is all about keeping things fun and exciting on the platform with different promotions. However, this fun only makes sense when it happens within certain perimeters.

To keep things fair for everyone involved, the following rules apply;

  • To get a GGBet promo code, you first need to confirm your email address
  • Each code only works with a single deposit
  • Trying to redeem a couple of promo codes with a single deposit goes against the bonus policy. Doing so might lead to account blockage

GGBet Mobile Website Platform

So far we’ve established that GGBet is a great platform for players accessing it through their desktops. However, GGBet has also worked hard to make it possible to use their platform on the go through their mobile website platform.

The website’s mobile adaptation is stunning. So much so that you don’t need a separate APK or app to enjoy your favorite casino games.’

Speaking of apps, GGBet hasn’t developed one yet. But with the intuitive display and navigation, you will not miss out on a lot. If anything, it saves you the hassle of downloading the application and installing it on your iOS or Android gadget.

GGBet Software and Game Providers

The online casino world is fast paced. Every so often there is new gaming technology emerging, new themes and categories. The past pace is often too much for one managing company to handle. So to remain relevant and offer players with updated experiences, casinos partner with software gaming providers.

Ing this case, GGBet has partnered with some of the best software providers including Betsoft, Play’nGo, Microgaming, Oryx and Gamomat.

They each provide excellent quality games. For instance, Betsoft offers the SlotFather, Multihand Videopoker, Gladiator and Rockstar. On the other hand, Microgaming offers Big Bad Wold, Kitty Cabana Online Slot, Football Star, Bingo Bonanza and more.

GGBet Customer Service

GGBet’s customer support is dependable. For starters, it is available 24/7 and it supports several languages including Chinese, Russian and English. The customer support staff are friendly and try their best to help you when you get stuck.

You can reach out to them through;

💎 Email: [email protected]

💎 Live chat

💎 Phone number: +44 (203) 769-19-62

GGBet Payment Methods

As you would expect with any online casino that is serious about pleasing its players, GGBet has a range of payment options. Provided you are using any modern means of online payment, you are covered. Some of the methods include:

Bank transfer:
💲 Visa

💲 Neteller

💲 Skrill

💲 Paysafe Card

💲 MasterCard

💲 Neosurf

💲 EcoPayz

💲Jeton Wallet

You can also use most of these options to withdraw your winnings.

Now, you should note that every payment option comes with a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount. Usually, these amounts range between $1 and $5.

Also, there are maximum withdrawal and deposits limits. However, not unless you are a high roller, you’ll never feel the impact of these limits.

Usually, deposits will reflect almost instantly but withdrawals will take some time depending on the option you choose. But generally, GGBet has a fast payout speed.

Finally, though the list of supported payment options is long, not all are available everywhere. Before you settle for any payment option, first confirm it is available in your country.

GGBet Security Regulations

GGBet works hard to ensure that your finances and financial details are safe. The information you enter on their platform is protected by SSL encryption. Moreover, the casino is has a license from Invicta Networks a regulator in Curacao.

And to ensure fairness in their games, GGBet is tested regularly by eCOGRA.

GGBet Casino Opinion and Final Word

For a new casino, we have to say that GGBet is doing really great for itself. With its categories, bonuses and promotions, it’s growing fast. Actually, it has a large player base in several countries already.

Aside from this, it has a great design, is safe and support multiple languages and payment options – all factors that make it a great contender for the top spot in the industry.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a mobile app yet, but the mobile website version does a great job of offering convenience on the go. If you’d like to experience it, sign up and get the bonus today, or read through numerous reviews of players on different forums online.

GGBet Casino FAQs

🤑 How do I register at GGBet Casino?

So far, GGBet is available to players around the world including Canada. The registration process is quick and only requires your name, email address and password to get started. Alternatively, you could sign in with your social media account.

🤑 Does GGBet offer a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is given to new players. GGBet has split its welcome offer into three deposit phases. In total, you get $400 and 175 free spins.

🤑 Is it Possible to use free spins without registration?

When you first log into your account, you can claim your welcome bonus which comes with free spins for specific slots. However, if you don’t want to register but still want to experience the game, you can play in demo mode. If you choose this, note that you cannot win real money.

🤑 Does GGBet have a no-deposit bonus?

At the moment, GG-Bet Casino doesn’t run a no-deposit bonus. On the contrary, its bonus matches your deposit up to a certain maximum.

🤑 Does GGBet Casino have a License?

Yes, it has. GGBet is registered in Cyprus and licensed in Curacao by Invicta Networks. Its registration and license numbers are HE315596 and 8048/JAZ, respectively.